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Depending on the brand's needs, theAudience creates a personalized social media strategy to fit the brand's ad campaign or event. During the Ultimate Pool Party, Smith released this video of himself throwing a frisbee hundreds of feet into the ocean before it was corralled by someone on a speeding jet ski. The video looped more than 6 million times on Vine.

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It also included an iHeartRadio hashtag, a subtle yet clear reminder that the video was part of a larger marketing strategy orchestrated by the brand and theAudience. Luckett sent a number of influencers to the weekend-long event, and all the Ultimate Pool Party posts contained the Ultimate hashtag.

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The idea was to capture the essence of the weekend without explicitly advertising the way people are familiar with on television or radio. According to Luckett, the Ultimate campaign generated more than million impressions across social networks.

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For the most part, Vine celebrities like Smith are all young, often in their teens or early 20's. Many of the platform's most popular Viners — with millions of followers — post videos of themselves doing goofy, relatable things like scaring their moms in the kitchen, joking about their dating lives, or spoofing their favorite or least favorite high school teachers.

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They also know how to work the system. It's common for Vine celebrities to make "guest appearances" in each other's videos, and they are fond of re-vining one another to help reach more users.

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Some of Vine's stars even hold impromptu meet-ups with fans, resulting in massive crowds of screaming teenagers. Vine's culture reflects its potential audience for advertisers. Vaynerchuk estimates the general user base is between and years-old; Luckett says 13 to Either way, it's a young demographic that doesn't fit with some marketing campaigns.

Virgin Mobile experienced this first hand. After partnering with plus Vine posts, the vast majority of them featuring influencers, Felicia Hill, a brand marketing manager with the company, told Mashable that Virgin Mobile will likely head in a different direction with its ad strategy. The audience on Vine is not only young not a lot of teens pay their own phone bill , but fitting a meaningful message into a six-second video isn't an easy task, she added. Our demo now is aging up so I don't think it's a platform that'll be as important to us [moving forward].

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Dating site Badoo, which also owns the dating service Hot or Not, is active on Vine with numerous popular influencers. Retrieved October 27, Co-founder teases new app".

Retrieved June 5, Retrieved March 15, Retrieved March 5, A new way to share video". Retrieved July 25, Retrieved January 26, Retrieved June 4, Retrieved 3 April Retrieved April 10, Retrieved May 26, Retrieved October 14, Retrieved July 17, Retrieved June 21, Retrieved January 30, Retrieved 17 December Retrieved January 17, Archived from the original on January 20, Retrieved March 23, Retrieved April 13, Vine videos are longer than six seconds".

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Retrieved 6 July Six things people have learned about six-second video in a week". Retrieved 16 April Retrieved September 9, Retrieved 17 June Retrieved 13 April Retrieved 6 May Retrieved 1 December Retrieved January 28, Retrieved October 24, Archived from the original on July 4, Retrieved June 30, Archived from the original on Social network analysis software Diaspora software Web 2. It will then relaunch in September with a new name and fronted by Vine.

The show broadcasts for two hours every weekday between 9. A BBC spokesperson confirmed Vinewould continue to host his flagship Radio 2 phone-in show, which airs from pm.