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Looking for a new friendship. Member since 01 November Member since 13 August Centre de Flacq, Flacq. Hi I'm looking for a friend in Dubai.. Hope you be the one ,thks wait reply. Member since 07 November Member since 22 November Member since 01 December Karim, what does MNC stand for? Member since 21 June Member since 06 February Al Falah street abu dhabi. Find more topics on the Dubai forum. New members of the United Arab Emirates forum, introduce yourselves here - Travelling from Bahrain to Dubai of Expat.

Why its difficult or almost impossible to find good friends in Dubai. British Expat dubai looking for friends.. But, my recent problem is that I'm having trouble finding people that I have something in common with: Your question made it seem like you've dated tons of girls, but in reality it's been two. The comments which follow up are racist, stereotypical, and pretty indicative that you may fall into that category of 'that expat guy.

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I am sorry for the unnerving experiences you've shared with us below, but at the same time I can't help but also throwing a bit of blame your way. A lot of the comments generalize a few nationalities which is blatantly unfair. Ok, we can acknowledge some personal experience but come on, there is a limit. OP dated two women and volunteered to be the bank until he woke up a bit. Why would the girl friends pay for anything if OP was already reaching for the wallet to pay for things.

It sounds like you can afford a comfortable life, but don't allow that fact to cloud your judgement. Use that brain which got you the expat package to some good use. I've only been here a short time and have already met women from some of the nationalities being denigrated here that behave nothing like the stereotype.

Really disappointed at how readily this thread wants to paint large swaths of people they've never met unfavorably just because a small handful of people they've met or heard about acted out perhaps.

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Almost tempted to start creating posts for every positive interaction or relationship with every different nationality I come across. Many girls are here to find a sugar daddy and live a fancy life Looks are deceiving here in Dubai. They may be hot, but they may work a very low-end job and come from a terribly poor country. That sort of match probably won't make for a very balanced relationship.

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That's because you're looking at the wrong place. I am not saying that all women who go to clubs here are like that, but most of the women I know who go in clubs are the ones with that kind of mentality. How do I know? They tell me that that's their plan.

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Somebody make a sticky thread for list of places to meet nice girls and boys. Should make life easier for all. Which will end up in those places getting filled with the same shallow type OP is complaining about. If you feel so bad about it, you should tell them.

What to expect when dating a Filipina

Or just leave the company that practices this. If you don't mind, what do you do and what does your staff do? Also which part of the US are you from? I didn't realize women are national properties to be shared between citizens of a country lol. You hit the jackpot right there dude. Your experience with the Russian is not uncommon at all. It's sort of a national sport for some of those ladies to do this. I mean a lot of them come from poverty and it's all too normal for her to do this because in her mindset, you represent her safety net and her previous milieu taught her that you're an opportunity and you should be used and milked.

To her it's all too normal so don't kill yourself over it. My friend was telling me a story about how he was at Barasti once and this very attractive Russian girl was hanging over his neck the whole time like a vulture.

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He then decided to go for it and after a while he invited her back to his place. When they went to the car, she asked him: Apparently a BMW wasn't gonna cut it for her so she left and went back to Barasti. Filipinas may be opportunistic but honestly most of them are sincere in their love and they tend to be very devoted. Maybe yours had kids to support back home and was afraid to tell you. The dating scene is messed up over here from what I hear all the time.

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It's not easy and I sympathize with you. Apparently certain ladies here also suffer from the same issue! Racist shmucks are getting upvoted. Schmucks with an Sc. Yeah I'm not sure people know that term here. Let's stick to dicks and pricks. Shmuck is acceptable as well. I really believe you took this very seriously and quite personal.

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I have utmost respect for Russians. However I'm simply stating facts stemming out of experience and experience I have. I'm really not talking from a racist point of view as I've not attacked culture, color or character making Russians look inferior. Russians have given so much to this world and they are a nation that is capable of achieving things and closing gaps when needed. Every race and every ethnicity has these problems but Russians Slavs in general are more visible because they are very attractive, travel a lot and educated.

Well, surely I took it serious and personal. I am Russian, and even though I have my reasons to have a grudge against my current government and silent majority of people in general, I do know what's true and what's not about my people. And rude generalisations, when people are blatantly racist and try to prove to me that "most goldiggers are Russian" check the neighbouring thread , which are being upvoted, really frustrate me. I mean, we live in time, when people started to realize that being racist isn't really a good thing.

Don't get me wrong, I can take a joke or two, about potatoes, vodka, bears on bicycles and so on. But when somebody seriously trolling or not tries to claim that some nation has more goldiggers than another, it's just utterly disgusting.

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