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I just heard the story about how A Kerr was a Christian man and believed God would not let his Jar factory be destroyed. Weeks later when he looked upon the destruction of San Fancisco his factory was still standing and not one jar was broken. Just wanted you to know I just heard the story of A.

Kerr — a devout Christian who tithed faithfully — on Inspiration Ministries morning show today. At one time they refused to make beer or liquor bottles. Has anyone come across any of these and know anything about them? Like you I could find no information on this specific jar taking just a sample of each style jar. Have you had any success? I have the same jar! I have only one, also, and am having difficulty finding information on the jar. Lots of treasures and lots of questions!

I have ten vintage jelly jar drinking glasses, diamond design. Three say Kerr with numbers and letters on the bottom. Two glasses also have the quilted diamond design that may be Anchor Hocking. One has the mark with 15, 04, and 9. The other one has the mark Anchor mark with 15, 04, and The other five glasses are the diamond design, also. They have numbers and letters. One has SG, 93, and 6.

One has 93, BF, One has 93, BF, 3. Any help would be appreciated. The bottom is stamped and hard to read, but I made out: Any idea on age and the Landore significance? I will try and locate that book you refer to for the many other jars I acquired, but until then, the poor quality on this one has me wondering!

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The patent date is June 9, Those jars would date from sometime after , up to approximately or soon thereafter. Jars with manufacturing defects are avidly sought by antique jar collectors, so you have a nice piece! Even more imperfections to this funky jar. Someone was asleep at the line with this one! Curious if you know what the J relates to? Many older bottles and jars have bubbles and other flaws in them.

The level of quality control was less stringent, and glass manufacturing methods were less sophisticated than in later years. The tops of these jars are not threaded but rather have one continuous rib just below the rim. Everything I read is saying that is the earliest Kerr jars were produced.

Just wondering if you knew if those dates were possible and any other info. In the case of your particular jar, it dates sometime after , as that is the year in which the business office and manufacturing plant was established at Sand Springs, Oklahoma. David, Im trying to date my jar.

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It says Kerr and Economy on the side. From what years were canning jars made in Sand Springs??

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Thank you for any information you have to share. Loretta, From research it seems the manufacture of glass at the Sand Springs, Oklahoma plant started approximately and after many decades of production, glassmaking ceased there in by then, the former Kerr plant was owned by Ball. The box has a note: These Jelly Glasses packed without lids.

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They were boxed at the Sand Springs Oklahoma Plant.. Have any clue on what War that was? Katie, that would be World War II. I have Kerr jars number 22 number 11 number 26 number 15 and number 13…. How would one go about finding out what years these are from and a possible value if any at all? Bryan, the numbers are mold numbers and mean nothing as far as age. The bottom of the jar itself has a rough pattern, AHK, and only the number 1.

Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corporation

Just wondering if this jar came from the first mould, maybe making it worth something? The mold numbers identified molds being used as a series group such as numbers 1 through 12, or 1 through All of the molds within a particular set of identical molds for instance numbered from 1 to 10 were installed on a machine and all of those were producing bottles or jars at the same time during the operation of the machine.

Hope this makes sense. Accessed June at http: Can you tell me about the angel and crown embossing I have seen 3 variations and hoped it might help date the jar. On the first the bottom has a boxed number 5, Kerr in a odd shape box and then the number in another box. The second bowl has no boxes what so ever on the bottom. Any info you can give me would be valuable. They are sometimes misidentified as custard cups, pudding cups, sherbet bowls or dessert dishes.

You might try searching ebay with various keywords to find similar jelly glasses on that site. I hope this will be of help. Thanks so much David! I, too, have several jelly cups with Kerr on the bottom. Hi Donna, I have heard of other people trying to find lids to fit these cups, and having trouble finding them.

Or maybe someone there would have ideas on where to get them. People are less likely to keep lids like those. Thanks so much for the Facebook suggestion. I have found photos of the Kerr lid here on ebay link valid as of Sept Another ebay link shows that they also came in red. Hi Randal, Thanks for the links.

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  • I actually have a similar jar with a red-painted lid exactly as shown in the ebay second ebay listing you linked to and I remember when my mother bought a case of them 12? I had saved an example of that jar just to keep stuff in, such as buttons. The base of this particular jar only has mold number 5 on the base. I would guess there were minor variations in the side ribbing and base markings over the years.

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    Thanks for your post! I have a mason jar that has ahk 24 on the bottom of it. So the one i have was it made before? Alot of the AHK jars were saved by consumers and re-used for canning or storing. I have over 30 jars that I acquired from a hoarders house we remodeled and am trying to date them.. I have a Kerr jar that says Chicago, Ill. Not sure how or where she got her info, but the time period is only approximate, and since jar molds were used sometimes for several years before wearing out and being replaced, I would guess your jar dates from sometime in the timeframe.

    I have a small Kerr mason the numbers, on the bottom, 22 centered and below? In the center it has Kerr and underneath that, underlined and in quotations Self Sealing. Underneath that it says Mason. The lid says Kerr. I have some purple Kerr jars and on the bottom it says Portland, Ore. Does this mean these jars were made in Portland? What can you tell me about their age? Hi Debbie, The Portland location was where Kerr business offices were located from to Although some jars are base-marked with that city name, they were actually made at other locations, which are listed in my text on this page.

    The jars with the Portland embossing presumably were made sometime between and I have one that has this date stamped on the bottom of it in almost perfect condition..