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Or are you suddenly offended that they would even think about altering the plans? Do you need to constantly have your ego stroked to feel confident? Or do you believe that people should always offer up compliments during a first date? So in this instance, do you look to some of the most traditional topics? Or do you let them steer the ship? Maybe the greatest fear going into any first date is that you will have to endear a number of awkward silences. So do you always keep a couple of go-to ideas in your back pocket in expectation of this?

Or do you pray that they break the silence first? Or do you believe that there are certain traditions and unspoken expectations for a reason? Are you a traditionalist who always believe that the guy should hold open the door and pay for the first date?

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Or could you not care less about this issue? More importantly, do you think that you always deserve special treatment?

If you are, we certainly hope you can reign in your anxiety to make it through an hour-long date. Are you dating simply so other people will be jealous of how attractive you and your partner are together? Or are you simply looking for some lifelong companionship? For many men who are balding, celebrities like Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson, and Jason Statham offer up a strong beacon of hope.

So do you accept this ruggedly handsome actions star for who he is. Would this be too short for you? People who constantly preoccupy themselves with the latest fashion trends probably spend a good deal of time online shopping. So how much time do you spend surfing the web for purchases? While this means two very different things for men and women, either way, are you someone that requires a certain physical attribute out of your partner? Or are you able to date someone who may be a bit on the less than average side of the spectrum? Do you believe that what you wear on a date will either make or break the experience?

So do you put too much importance in clothing? Are you drowning in a sea of student debt? Or do you have an online shopping addiction that can never be satisfied? Or maybe you bought your last vehicle without any help from your parents and you have every right to critique their car.

Are you one of those creepy guys who expects a kiss at the end of every date? You Have already started: Resume Quiz Restart Quiz. Order the most expensive item on the menu Insist on splitting the bill. Now my goals have changed. I want to write more books, or at the very least write one that lands on a best-seller list.

Always wanting more is not a bad thing so long as you learn to appreciate what you do have while you have it. A partner is not just someone who is along for the ride, standing next you; a partner is helping you along the way, sharing in your successes and helping you through your failures. I want someone who not only makes me a better man, but makes me want to be a better man. Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again.

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What’s your current living situation?

Does something about that frighten you? That can get sort of trippy to think about.

But it often comes down to worrying what other people think about who you date, or some sort of insecurity that you're trying to protect by avoiding people and circumstances that trigger it. Be more open-minded and you'll be surprised at what changes. Are you panicked by an oddly shaped big toe?

Terrified by a bad joke? Yes, those things can be pretty horrific but do they really have anything to do with the total package you're seeking?


If a guy is otherwise amazing but you can't get over the toe thing it might be a sign that your standards are just too high. If you're seeking head to toe perfection literally , you're just not going to find it. You might be able to find a physical specimen who's near perfect but that's not necessarily better than finding a person with the perfect personality. Keep in mind what really matters and don't get distracted by the little things.

You'd be totally offended, wouldn't you? Of course you would. If you insist that a date isn't going to go well, it might not. Our minds are pretty powerful and if you just know that someone isn't for you before you've spent any time with them then you could be right. But what if you didn't just know that and actually decided to spend some time getting to know them before you made a decision either way?

You either go and have the horrible time you were expecting It's not worth potentially affecting the outcome in a negative way to make a decision ahead of time They think they know what's best for you and they might have some excellent ideas but the only person who really knows what's best for you is going to be you. Naturally, your parents are going to have high standards and expectations when it comes to your dating life because they want you to be happy and have the best of the best.

But they also might have some outdated or irrelevant ideas about what that means. For some people, it can become an excuse like "Oh I'd maybe date that guy but my parents would never approve so I might as well not. Not everyone who asked you out is worthy of your time but surely some of them are worth a chat over coffee.

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If you can't remember the last time you accepted a date, then it's possible that your standards are just a little on the high side. When you say yes to guys who ask you out, you're going to open up and relax about the whole thing. Your blinders will come down a bit and you're more open to when you do actually meet the right person.

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But you can't know what's going to happen every single time, and sometimes, you have to just live a little and have some faith. Say yes to the guys who ask you out because you just have no idea until you try. Your standards are a little too high if you think that you're too good for a dating app Sometimes people just want a hand finding something with a little more substance.

You certainly won't know until you try, but don't be held by the fact that you think your quality of person is somehow above that option. That's not a thing, and if you believe it to be true your ego might be running the show and making it hard for you to meet anyone. No one is going to think down at you for using an app since the only people who will know about it will be other people who are also on the app. If Zac Efron could use a dating app, then you can too.