3. what is the law of superposition how are cross-cutting relationships used in relative dating

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The Grand Canyon and Relative Dating

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What is the principle of cross-cutting relationships? | inencomtoke.gq

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How does the law of crosscutting relationships help scientists determine the relative age of rocks?

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Email is not a valid email. On your plate, you put the chocolate cake on bottom, or the first layer. Then you put your vanilla cake in the middle. And finally, your cheesecake goes on top. So, by definition, the oldest layer of cake would be chocolate, as it was put there first. Then vanilla and cheesecake are the second and third oldest, respectively. Now, because we've already established that this cake is pure insanity, you're going to cut out a big hole in the middle that pierces all 3 layers and stick in some new feature.

Now all of a sudden the big tower of cookies running through the middle of your cake is the youngest feature, as the other three layers had to be present originally in order for it to be there. Now that I've gotten you all hungry for cake and cookies let's talk about rocks instead. This exact same concept can be applied to layers of rock underneath the surface. We know that we can relatively date layers of rock by knowing that the layers on bottom are older than the layers on top.

So now we can say that any faults that run through these layers of rock would instantly become the new youngest layer, as the layers that were pierced by the fault had to be there first. How does the law of crosscutting relationships help scientists determine the relative age of rocks?

This picture sums it all up very well: Related questions What is the principle of Uniformitarianism and how is it important to the relative dating of rocks?