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We met over drinks and twerking at a local bar.

6 Truths About Being In An Undefined Relationship (From A Girl Who’s In One)

Enamored with his presence, I fell hard. I fell so hard that I shut my eyes to all the blaring red flags that greeted me on each step of the journey. Nothing else mattered and I was going to make this round peg fit into this square hole and we would both live in bliss. A few weeks would turn into months. We spent a lot of time together mostly in the house and our conversations would deepen as time went by. For all intents and purposes this FELT like a relationship and had many relationship-like qualities.

We were exclusively sleeping together. Instead I held him to boyfriend expectations and played the girlfriend role. The whatevership began to crumble as they always do. If my life was a sitcom I would have kicked him and his duffle bag right out my house. Instead I sat quietly. Let it soak in. And when he left that evening he left for the last time. There was wine, but it was sipped from underneath the covers of my bed as I sat fully dressed in heartbreak. But thank God for friends, prayer, writing and wine. Often times, when we accept less than what we want and deserve, people take advantage of our willingness to settle.

I subconsciously gave away the benefits of a relationship in hopes that he would give me the accountability and responsibility that comes with a relationship title eventually. I know those things are not in the centre of the decision to marry but fundamentally you are putting yourself out there as a committed couple. Whereas girlfriend, mistress, friend, ex, FWB whatever could mean anything.

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Brad KT I like your comment. That my EUM never even acknowledged our relationship to anyone else in his life; that I never met any of his friends or family was a source of deep hurt and actual distress to me.. I was in a state of shock… he emailed me later to tell me his brother was in the room… and my instant reaction was relief!

I was never able to make him understand that his refusing to afford me any public acknowledgement as a significant person in his private as opposed to professional life was brutal and cruel. Commitment does have a lot to do with the position they afford you — out in the open and in public.

My ex AC went public with me. I took him aside and said just say your name, your identity is not tied up with me. This was one way I knew we were official. When him and I would break up and get back together, He would call me his girlfriend to someone eventually and I would know we were together again.

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He played poker with only guys and their one rule was no women because of a incident in the past with a women being there. I thought I would share this because even the biggest Assclowns can go public with your relationship and still muck you around in a relationship. It has to be more than the publicity and has to be truly about the love, trust, care and respect in all aspects and not just an image because that can be false too. I missed his family more than him when I finally split from him but i had to give that up when I had enough of him.

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I was the one using the term with my close friends or on here. That is the term I used the most or his name. Most people expected that him and I would be going together somewhere because we were always together. Even those trips people would asked if my EUM was my boyfriend and I would say no and they would say why is he gay. I aways laughed when people would say that.

One time one of my males cousins and my friends 12 year old daughter said it at the same time. I said to my friend I have a funny story to tell you and she said me too and we both told each other the same story basically it was hilarious. We told my EUM at the same time and he laughed too. I said to him its funny how eveyone thinks there is something wrong with you that we are not together and not me.

Even his closest friends would invite me to things because they assumed him and I would be together,. They all assumed we were both good buddies. I asked my friend not to tell anyone our involvement except my friends could know. They were on many trips with us so they could figure it out and he had no problem with my friends knowing, it would be too hard to hide.

I hated the title and now I have promised myself not to ever be in a friends with benefits situation again. Titles to live in misery, enxiety and limbo. He is now a distant haze in my memory, though there is still pain from the dead hope in my heart. Am I treating him like a parent moreso than a partner? Should I be more independent? Run for the hills Maeve.

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Believe me, if your dude wants you, you will definitely know and feel it. I just lived this for two incredible hot and cold years…and read my post on how it ended. I feel so bad for you, because I know how your heart aches to get him acknowledge you on any level.

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And then always trying to get him to commit.. I just want to speak and act on behalf of myself and my own impulses like a child. These are terrible signs of character, Maeve. My ex AC said similar comments, and the fact is that I am very accomplished and, more importantly, pretty bloody competent as far as daily life goes. Asking a guy to give you verbal assurances and plan things together as a couple is elementary stuff.

A couple needs to cooperate. Have a straight-forward, calm conversation about what your essential expectations are — for your own life as well as how you see yourselves as a couple working. If he balks, minimizes or belittles, cut your losses and get out of there. Sparkey could not wait to call me wife! If you have to even think a second about what your title is chances are you are not even in a relationship; maybe by yourself. I remember hearing something very powerful not long ago: I wanted a title in the worst way.

Got the Girlfriend title and then reduced to the friend title, back to Girlfriend title…when he broke up with me for the 33rd time in 2 yrs!! I asked him while he told me that he loved me for first time ever…. So the title to this AC held no value anyway. So why did I try so hard to want it?

I guess it is about validation. Because somewhere its suppose to be code for off the market, untouchable, loved by one.

Make Me Official: The Obsession With Titles in Relationships.

Love, care, trust and respect. Come back if you can commit other then that see ya. Hurting yes definitely…but over what? In this case, I can see why there are more and more couples who do not marry, yet continue to be faithful to each other, work at a healthy relationship, and even raise children together. My cousin and her boyfriend who live in Italy are American Italians have been together for over 20 years — they have never married eachother and they are so in love.

They have respect, love, trust, honor.

A title only means what it means to both of the parties. That is why I think it should be discussed — just like I found out monogomy meant different things to me and my ex AC, I wished I had clarified. He told me he was monogomous — but it was ok for him to talk, email, flirt and have emotional affairs with other women, and for friends to sleep in his bed.

Being introduced as the girlfriend feels nice when you hear it.