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WoT 360 T34 Ensk - War! Dat Matchmaker!

A stock T has a weak engine and subpar mobility and the same 76mm on the T Depending on how you like to play your mediums you can upgrade the mobility first and then the guns, or vice versa. I personally enjoy mobility over firepower. The upgraded 85mm gun is very good for its tier it has a good rate of fire and decent pen.

You will only have issues penning angled heavy tanks and front armor, but that's nothing a little flanking can't fix. The mm is also an option due to a lot of lightly armored tanks below you and some above you. The accuracy is very bad so you do have to be a lot closer to the action and the hull armor won't bounce much, even if it's angled.

I really enjoyed the mm derp on the T, was able to two mark with it. If you want reliable dpm I would stick with the 85mm if you want to have some fun stick the mm derp on it and use your mobility to get side shots on tanks. Also, if you're willing to spend some money on this game you can buy TM, which is a better version of T Then you would be able to play T and TM with same crew. Yes its a great tank. Keep your T to make money. I played tons of games in these tanks to learn the game and I'd recommend that to anyone. T is also my one and only 3rd mark. Yes, T is a good tank - it actually has some armor on the turret; the top 85 mm gun is vastly better than the guns on the T because of superior gun handling.

But my personal preference is for the mm derp - put vents, rammer, gun-laying drive and the derp becomes a lot more manageable. Just got this tank today. I hear the tier IX is a good performer although I am playing this line for the dreamy object I assure you won't like the T34 85 as much The T34 can outdpm everything at tier 5 ,t doesn't have that great dpm and in tier 6 are a lot of t34 85Ms with a lot better dpm It is still playable buy is very flustering when in every battle is a tank just the same as your but a better. In fact, T and T have totally different battle styles.

You know the best gun for T is 57mm, so it should be continually shooting.

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But T can make higher hit by one shot. For me myself, I got 3 stars for T, but hardly 1 star for T, because they are different.

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Want to add to the discussion? ST-I is also worth any pain u encounter with the kv4. Those Tier 7 premier LTs are so imba now.

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Can't blame the tank when you play it wrong. Same with the Lowe. If they see that lower plate you are dead fast. Hide it and you can hold it like a boss. Elhazzared, on 17 April - Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: T34 needs pref matchmaking.

T34 needs pref matchmaking.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. It's not even close to cutting it at tier At least some tier 8's can sort of hold their own.

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Surprises me the most expensive premium tank doesnt even get this basic perk. It doesnt need it when its gun is capable of penetrating tier 10 tanks, yes the aim time isnt great and yes its reload is meh But tbh, you have a tank that is great in tier 8 games, good in tier 9 games and ok in tier 10 games. You cant say that about some other tier 8 prems without smm. You just need to take advantage of its very good turret, that is all Elhazzared 4 Posted 16 April - It certainly does not need pref MM, but it certainly needs a buff to the front of the turent which right now is completly out of line with the american tank strong frontal turent armor.

Funniest thread so far. Elhazzared 7 Posted 16 April - Not really, I don't even own one, but I think it's laughable that it's frontal turent armor is easily penetrated from the front. Elhazzared 11 Posted 17 April - Edited by Elhazzared, 17 April -